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Wicklow Mountains

Private Day Tour

Breath in the Fresh Mountain Air...

The Wicklow Private Day Tour Choices

Choose the length of your day tour. The longer you have the more activities we can pack into your day. Below are some suggested options.

* All Timings & Itineraries are flexible

Half Day Tour - Wicklow Mountains National Park

- Depart Dublin 9.30am

- Visit The Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough

- 1.5 Hours in Glendalough

- Drive through The Wicklow Mountains

- One selected activity

- Return Dublin 3:00pm

Full Day Tour - Wicklow &

Two Activities 

- Depart Dublin 9.30am

- Visit The Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough

- 1.5 Hours in Glendalough

- Drive through The Wicklow Mountains

- Two selected activities

- Return Dublin 5:00pm

Wicklow Activities Menu

Enhance your Wicklow Mountains Tour experience.

Craft your journey to Wicklow with a choice from our selection of activities along the way.

Heritage Activities

- Powerscourt Estate & Gardens

- Powerscourt Waterfall

- Avoca Handweavers & Shopping


Cultural Activities

- Enniskerry Village

- Sheep Dog Demonstrations

- Russborough House & Parklands


Adventure Activities

- Horse Riding in Wicklow Mountains

- Trek The Wicklow Way

Wicklow Mountains Private Tour Highlights

Wicklow Mountains National Park

The Wicklow Mountains National park covers approximately 50,000 acres of forest, wetland, bogland, heath, rivers and lakes only a short 45 minute drive from the heart of Dublin city. Our tour will take you deep into the national park to some of the best sights like the Wicklow Gap, Laragh and Glendalough. The drive truly showcases the best of Ireland with rolling green fields, stone walls, small cottages, fairy trees and lots of animals like donkeys, sheep and if your lucky you might get a glimpse of the wild mountain deer and goats.


Immerse yourself in 'The Garden of Ireland'.

Irish Tours
Wicklow Mountains


Glendalough is a preserved early christian site in the heart of the Wicklow mountains national park. Its Anglicised name is 'the valley of the two lakes' and is without doubt one of the most tranquil and spirtual locations in Ireland. When you sit at the lakes or walk the paths you can feel a special energy in the valley and it was this that attracted the early christian missionaries like the founder St Kevin. The ruined remains of one of the three most important ecclaeastical sites in Ireland offer a fascinating insight into one of the most influential parts of Ireland's history - The time of the land of saints & scholars.


Join us on a guided tour of the area and fantastic walks by the lakes.


Wicklow and Hollywood

Due to it's stunning scenery and it's close proximity to the Ardmore film studios in Wicklow, the Wicklow mountains feature in many great blockbuster movies as well as some lesser known gems.

We will drive to the bridge made famous in everyones favourite - PS I love You, where you will enjoy stunning views of the Guinness lake whilst in search for that handsome Irish farmer! We will also take a journey along the Braveheart drive to some of the locations used by Mel Gibson in his Hollywood blockbuster sensation. 


Choose Your Activity

Choose from our selection of fantastic activities to enhance your experience.

Heritage Activities

Powerscourt Estate & Gardens

The famous Powerscourt Estate located in the beautiful town of Enniskerry in the Wicklow mountains is a large aristocratic country house that was originally built on top of the sight of a 13th century castle. The current house is mainly of 18th century decoration and boasts one the world's most beautifully sculpted gardens.


Our tour of Powerscourt will take us around the gardens and into the house where you can do some bespoke luxury shopping of some fine Irish made craft and knitware. We will also visit the Avoca tea rooms for refreshments.


Activity Price      :      € 9 - Adult / € 8 - Student, OAP / € 5 - Child

Activity Time      :      Approx 1.5 Hours

Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall

The powerscourt waterfall at 121 meters is the highest waterfall on the island and is located on the estate of Powerscourt. Around the waterfall are surroundings of woodland shrubbery and rivers. Keep your eyes out for the Japanese Sika deer that inhabit the area.


Activity Price      :      € 6 - Adult / € 5.50 - Student, OAP / € 3.50 - Child

Activity Time      :      Approx 1 Hour

Avoca Handweavers and Shopping

Avoca began life in Wicklow in the early 18th century as a mill for grinding corn to make bread, as well as a place for spinning and weaving wool.  


It remains the oldest surviving business in Ireland and still manufactures fine clothes to this day.  The area is home to stunning gardens, a top class restaurant and some boutique shopping.



Activity Cost      :      Free 

Activity Time     :      Approx 1.5 Hours

Cultural Activities

Enniskerry Village

A tour of Wicklow would not be complete without a visit to the quaint town of Enniskerry for a bite to eat and a stroll around the tiny town. Home to around one thousand inhabitants the beautifully preserved town enjoys some of the best coffee and tea rooms in Ireland. Also an opportunity to support local community with some fine shopping.


Activity Cost      :      Free 

Activity Time     :      Approx 1 Hour

Enniskerry Village

Sheep Dog Demonstrations

Wicklow sheep dog demonstration

This great demonstration of skill and the marvellous working relationship between the Irish farmer and his dog is showcased in the beautiful fields of Wicklow. Watch these astounding dogs do their work while being commanded by their master using a variety of pitched whistles and impressive techniques.

This fascinating activity gives you a chance to experience the workings of farm life and will make you think very differently about 'mans best friend'!

Activity Price      :      € 5 Per Person 

Activity Time      :      Approx 1 Hour

Learn More

Russborough House & Parklands

Overlooking the elegant lakes of Blessington, this Palladian House is said to be 'the most beautiful in Ireland' with a gracefully long facade and  intriguing interior.  Activities here include magnificient parkland walks, informative exhibitions, interesting art displays and authentic craft demonstations

This marvelous mansion has survived two occupations, two fires and four armed robberies, not to mention numerous local events and is sure to be still standing when you get here.

Activity Cost      :     €12

Activity Time     :     1-3 hours

Russborough House & Parklands
Adventure Activities


Another wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of the Wickow Mountains is by horseback. This tour will take you across the hills of Wicklow with stunning panoramic views across Dublin bay and Dublin city with the perfectly peaked Sugar Loaf Mountain acting as backdrop.


The fully professional instructors and guides cater to everyone, beginners and experts alike and will tailor the trek to suit your desires. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the nature of Ireland and is a great excursion for all the family!

Activity Cost:        € 40 Each

Activity Time:       2 Hours

Learn More

Horseriding in Wicklow
Wicklow Mountains

Trek The Wicklow Way

Wicklow Mountains National park offers lots of opportunities for some of the best treks and walks in the country. The Wicklow Way is a seven day hike through the heart of the Garden of Ireland and we will guide you along part of this remarkable trek on our day tour.


Make your way through the heather, the bogs and across the hills that offer majestic views of Wicklow and Dublin whilst keeping your eyes out for wild deer, mountain goats and soaring birds of prey.

Activity Cost     :      € 15 per hour 

Activity Time    :      Varies


Contact us with your chosen preferences and we will create the tour specially designed for you.

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