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Ireland Midlands Tour

Tranquil Waterways... the Heart of Ireland

The Ireland Midlands Tour

The midlands of Ireland tour takes you to the serene and tranquil surroundings of Ireland's beautiful midlands where you will encounter shimmering lakes, meandering rivers and a patchwork of fields, plains and boglands. Below are some suggested options.


Full Day Tour

- Depart Dublin 9.30am

- Visit Clonmacnoise, Athlone & The River   Shannon

- 1 Hour at Clonmacnoise  & Athlone

- Choice of Activities

- Return Dublin 5pm

Long Day Tour

- Depart Dublin 9.30am

- Visit Clonmacnoise, Athlone & The River   Shannon

- 1 Hour at Clonmacnoise  & Athlone

- Choice of Activities

- Return Dublin 8pm

Activities Menu

Enhance your Ireland Midlands Tour experience.

Craft your journey to the Midlands with a choice from our selection of activities along the way.

Heritage Activities

- Clonmacnoise

- Belvedere House & Gardens

- Matt Fogarty's Tree Farm & Nursery

- Birr Castle, Gardens & Science Center

- Rindoon Abandoned Village


Cultural Activities

- Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

- Lanesborough Town & Lough Ree

- Roscommon Town & Castle


Adventure Activities

- Hot Air Balloon Trip

- River & Lake Angling

- Viking Long Ship Boat Trip

- Slieve Bloom Mountain Walk

The Tour Highlights

The River Shannon & The Lakelands

Named after the Celtic Goddess Sionna, the broad majestic Shannon is the queen of Ireland's rivers. Stretching over 360km in length the river divides Ireland's midlands and the west. For truly serene and tranquil settings it is unrivalled in terms of it's beauty in Ireland. Travel down the banks of the rivers whilst discovering the many hidden gems and treasures along your journey.


Clonmacnoise was one of the three most important monastic settlements during Ireland's early Christian golden age. A time of religion, monks, education and illuminated manuscripts. A visit to the 6th century ruins of Clonmacnoise will take you back to this influential era in Ireland's past. In a serene and tranquil setting by the banks of the river Shannon you can explore the ruins hear the stories and stroll down the river banks whilst time eases by.

A wonderful way of exploring the heart of Ireland's midlands.


Activity Time : Approx 1.5 Hours

Activity Price : Adult: €6.00 | Senior/group: €4.00 | Child/student: €2.00 | Family: €14.00

Located in the very center of Ireland Athlone is the largest town in the midlands region. The town dates to the time of the Anglo-Normans arrival onto the island and is a treasure trove of heritage sites, cultural gems & riverside adventures. The promenade on the River Shannon is popular among anglers, birdwatchers, and swimmers and Athlone offers a great stop to get try some local cuisine before 

Athlone Town 

Step 2

Choose from our selection of fantastic activities to enhance your experience.


Choose Your Activities


Heritage Activities

Belvedere House & Gardens

Belvedere House & Gardens is a stunning 160 acre lakeside estate dating to the mid 18th century and is one of the finest examples of an aristocratic country home in Ireland. Designed by Richard Cassels it boasts a fully restored Georgian Villa, Victorian Walled Garden, naturalistic designed 18th century parkland punctuated with Romantic follies including the largest in Ireland the Jealous Wall all found by the banks of the tranquil lake Ennell.


Activity Price      :     Adults - € 8 / Children - € 4 / Family Rates Avail

Activity Time      :     Approx 1 Hour

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Matt Fogarty's -

Tree Farm & Nursery

Situated between Terryglass and Ballinderry close to Lough Derg. There are over 12 hectares of Hardwood Trees, hundreds of species, varying sizes. Deer and Pheasant run freely and they're also mallard on the pond. Matt has won farm forester of the year in 1995 and amenity forester of the year in 2000. Matt would love to guide groups, families or individuals through the tranquillity of his trees. 

Activity Price  :   On Request

Activity Time  :   Approx 1 Hour

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Birr Castle & Gardens & Science Centre

For a truly unique mix of ancient heritage and science take a visit to the Award-Winning Gardens of Birr Castle in Ireland and the newly revamped Science Centre. This activity is rich in both amazing feats of science and engineering as well as rare trees and flowers, wonderful wildlife, and walks along peaceful rivers and the lake. The Parsons family invite you to explore one of the most extraordinary places in Ireland. Created over generations it is an environmental and scientific time capsule. Learn of jet engines, steam turbines and visit the great telescope all in the beautiful setting of Birr.


Activity Cost      :    Adult - €9 / Children - €5 / Family & Senior Rates Avail

Activity Time     :    Approx 1.5 Hours

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Rindoon Abondoned Village

A real Hidden Gem, Rinn Dúin in Co. Roscommon is an abandoned medieval town located on a peninsula jutting out into the beautiful Lough Ree. The surviving remains constitute one of the most important complexes of Medieval monuments in Ireland. Rinn Dúin was the findspot of the bronze crucifixion plaque commonly known as the 'Athlone plaque', one of the best known pieces of Early Christian Irish metalwork


Take a stroll away from the crowds through the ruins of Ireland's medieval past.


Activity Cost      :    Free

Activity Time     :    Approx 1hour

Cultural Activities

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

Take a visit to the oldest whiskey distillery in the country - Kilbeggan. A unique and authentic Irish whiskey experience awaits in the quiet midlands town. This is more than a whiskey tour, the building itself is testament to the spirit of small Irish towns & Villages. The original whitewashed walls, weathered slate roof, brick chimney stack and creaking timber water wheel remain in tact thanks to a labour of love from the locals.


Activity Price   :   Prices vary starting from €8 per person

Activity Time   :   Approx 1.5 Hours

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Lanesborough Town & Lough Ree

Located on the banks of the River Shannon Lanesborough is a typical midland of Ireland small town. The area is best known for its sports fishing, with many coming to fish for bream, tench, rudd and pike on the Shannon. The town alspo boasts a forest walk by the banks of the river. If you want to explore real Ireland town life take a trip to Laneborough and the surrounding lakelands.


Activity Price   :   free

Activity Time   :   Approx 1.5 hours

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Roscommon Town & Castle

Roscommon town is home to around 5,000 inhabitants of the midlands. A town with a long history dating to the old Irish chieftains these days it is the largest of the midlands town. A visit to Roscommon will give you the chance to visit the many eateries and coffee shops and visit the sights like the stunning 13th Century Roscommon Castle.


Activity Price   :   Free 

Activity Time   :   Approx 1.5 Hours

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Adventure Activities

Hot Air Balloon Trip

Irish Balloon Flights have been flying high over Ireland for over 30 years. With an impeccable safety record they offer fun and offer unique views with their passenger flights. Take a trip from Athlone town where you will meet the team who will explain the details of your trip and prepare you to fly with the birds. 


Activity Price    -    From €165 per person

Activity Time    -    From 1.5 Hours

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River & Lake Angling

Around the midlands and shannon region there are ample opportunities to enjoy some relaxing angling. Whether you wish to fish from the banks or perhaps take a boat we can arrange the perfect angling trip for you. The river shannon is famed for it's abundance of bream, tench, rudd and pike amongts others. so why not take the opportunity on our midlands tour to sample Ireland's angling culture


Activity Time  :   Times Vary

Activity Price :   On Request

Hill of Uisneach Tour

Take a visit to the mythological and scared centre of Ireland. The Hill of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath has played a part in just about every significant Irish event, be it political, cultural, religious, mythological and geographical. The centre of Ireland in many ways, the enigmatic hill is one of the most sacred and historic sanctuaries in the world. The summit of Uisneach commands extensive panoramic views over the central plain, with no less than twenty counties visible on the horizon. The site contains all the lements of ancient Ireland including Ring Forts & Fairy Trees. Take a tour with the locals to hear the stories, myths, legends & history.


Activity Price   :   On request

Activity Time   :   Approx 1.5 Hours

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Viking Long Ship

River Shannon Trip

The Viking Longships have been sailing around Ireland's coasts since 795. The River Shannon is the main artery through the country and the history books record the arrival of the norsemen downstream from Athlone around 895AD. Why not follow in the footsteps of Ireland's Viking past and join the Shannon Viking Ship Cruise. The Lough Ree Cruise (approx 75 minutes) goes upstream to the lake calling en route to the Hodson Bay and returns. Why don't you board the Viking Ship which departs from the quayside at Athlone Castle to Lough Ree the 'Lake of the Kings' or sail down to Clonmacnoise.


Activity Prices  -   Adult from €12 / Children from €6 / Family Fares Available

Activity Time    -   approx 1.5 hours

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The Slieve Bloom Mountains Walk

The Slieve Bloom Mountains rise from the midlands of Ireland between Counties Laois and Offaly. This truly off the beaten track location offers beautiful gentle strolls thrlugh forest, boglands, lakes and rivers. The mountains offer a choice of 16 different Looped Walks from 6 different Trail Heads to suit all levels of fitness with detailed maps and directions. There are also two long distance way-marked walks - the Slieve Bloom Way and the Offaly Way.


Activity Prices    -     Free

Activity Time      -    From 1 Hour

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Contact us with your chosen preferences and we will create the tour specially designed for you.

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