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Our Multi-Day Irish Experience

Ireland Tours and Things to Do

If you have some time in Ireland why not enjoy a custom built tour of the island with us? We will tailor the tour to suits your needs around the attractions you would like to see, the places you would like to visit and the activities you would like to enjoy. From 2 days to 20 days - You will travel in comfort and style and each day will be a unique adventure with a different theme based around the culture, nature and adventure that Ireland has to offer. Be sure to check out our most highly recommended Private Tours of Ireland in 2021!

" We will look after you during your time in Ireland and hope that you will enjoy your stay as much as we do ! "
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Customized Private Tour Packages of Ireland

Depending on the length of time you have to travel we can show you as much as Ireland as you would like. Take a look at our day tour options and mix and match tours as you would like. Tailor each day around your own preferences. Combine the nature, culture and adventure of Ireland on a tailor made excursion of Ireland. You can also take a look at our multi-day Ireland Excursion packages below.


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 Private Ireland Excursions Sample Packages

Escorted Private Tours of Ireland

13 Day Private Tour of Ireland

Experience all of the highlights on our 13 Day Escorted Tour of Ireland. Taking you to the four provinces of Ireland this tour explores the main attractions whilst journeying off the beaten path and away from the tourist crowds. Join us for a once in a lifetime Irish experience...

Find Out More about our 13 Day All Ireland Private Tour

8 Day - Wild Atlantic Way Journey

Take in all of the Wild Atlantic Way on our 8 day adventure. This tour takes you on a wild journey along our Atlantic coastline and brings you to some of the most dramatic landmarks on the island including The Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, Connemara and much more.

Find Out More about our 8 Day Private Tour of Ireland

multi day private tours of Ireland
week long private tour of Ireland
7 Day - North by West Explorer

This brilliant tour takes in some of the best of Ireland both North & South of the border. It is an epic Irish Journey that will see you travelling from Northern Ireland to the Wild Atlantic Way in the West taking in some of the most awesome and spectacular scenery along the way. The tour incorporates The Giants Causeway, Newgrange, Northern Ireland, Connemara, The Wild Atlantic Way and off the beaten path travel in Donegal, Sligo and Mayo.

Find Out More about our North by West Explorer Private Tour

Escorted multi day tours of Ireland
7 Day - South by West Explorer

This exhilarating journey tour takes you to some of Ireland's signature travel destinations including the majestic Ring of Kerry, the awesome Cliffs of Moher and into the heart of Ireland's Ancient East. Along the way you will encounter ancient castles, epic abbeys, and of course meet the locals to gain an in depth account of Ireland's past and present. 

Find Out More about our 7 Day South by West Explorer

5 Day - Northern Adventure

The North of Ireland encapsulates all that is Irish. From the intriguing, turbulent political undertones to the dramatic coastline, cliffs and crashing waves. This 5 day private tour of Ireland takes you on a journey through what it means to be Irish leaving on our island. A true Irish experience getting away from the crowds and off the beaten path.

Find Out More our 5 Day Private Northern Ireland Tour

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5 Day - Ancient East by Wild West

This 5 Day Atlantic Odyssey will take you to some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Ireland. Journeying along the western tip of Europe you will not help be inspired by the wild beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way. Awaiting you are magnificent Gaelic Castles, ancient Abbeys and Monasteries, vibrant towns and villages and best of all, the locals who will ensure that your visit to the West of Ireland will never be forgotten.

Find Out More about our private 5 Day Tour of Ireland

Wild Atlantic Way Tour Ireland
Ireland journey private tour from Dublin
3 Day - Heart of the West Experience

From the drama and theatre of The Cliffs of Moher to the haunting beauty and isolation of the sea-sloping hills of Connemara. This magnificent journey highlights the courage and strength our ancestors had to survive in one of the most unforgiving landscapes of Europe. This three day journey takes you to the heart of the west coast of Ireland and away from the main tourist crowds with a tour through a trio of wonderful counties - Mayo, Galway & Clare.

Find Out More about our 3 Day Private Tour of Ireland

Discover Ireland Away from the Crowds...
3 Day - South East Ireland Adventure

Take a journey to Ireland's Ancient East and the Sunny South East Coast on an adventure that will take you from the heights of the Wicklow Mountains to the coast of the Irish Sea. Along the way you will hear stories of norman knights, medieval kings and ancient legends. This is a leisurely paced private tour of Ireland, ideal for the culturally curious who like to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds.

Find Out More about our 3 Day Private South East Ireland Tour

Private group tour Ireland 3 day tour
3 Day - Northern Ireland Adventure

From the heart of Ireland's Ancient East to the drama of the North East Coast, this tour brings together the best of Ireland's ancient past with the fascinating recent history. This journey will take you into the tombs of The Boyne Valley that were built at the dawning of Ireland's identity to the streets of Belfast were Ireland's identity fought a bitter battle. A tour that combines fascinating history with exhilarating sights and sounds of the North Atlantic. Join us on a unique Irish journey from The Republic to Northern Ireland.

Find Out More about our 3 Day Northern Ireland Private Tour

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