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Cliffs of Moher Day Tour...

Journey into the West & Discover the Heart of Ireland...

Private Cliffs of Moher Tour

from Dublin

Below is the Little Gem recommended private day tour for visiting the Cliffs of Moher. Combining the main attraction with some hidden gems along the way.

* All Timings & Itineraries are flexible

- Depart from Dublin OR your chosen location at 7:30am

- Enjoy the off the beaten path, hidden gem - The Rock of Dunamase.

- Arrive at the stunning Cliffs of Moher and time to enjoy a coastal walk.

- Take a drive into the heart of The Burren through the village of Doolin with coastal photo stops along the journey.

- Lunch in a traditional seafood pub/restaurant.

- More time to enjoy the treats of the Burren including Corcmoroe Abbey and Hazel Mountain Chocolatier.

- Return to Dublin City for approx 7:30pm

Optional Activities Menu

Enhance your Cliffs of Moher Tour experience. Craft your journey to the cliffs with a choice from our selection of activities along the way ...

Heritage Activities

- Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

- Ailwee Caves & Birds of Prey Centre

- Kinvara & Dunguire Castle

- Clonmacnoise


Cultural Activities

- Galway City 

- Limerick City

- The Burren Perfumery & Chocolatier


Adventure Activities

- Pat Sweeny Cliff Walk

- Cliffs of Moher Boat Trip

- Cliffs of Moher & Aran Island Boat Trip

- The Aran Island & Galway City 2 Day

Private Cliffs of Moher Tour Highlights

The West of Ireland & The Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland's extraordinary west coast is seen by many as the traditional heart of the Island. Home to Ireland's sport, traditions, literature and language. The west coast feels different. From the traditional thatched roof cottages to the imposing 16th century Gaelic tower houses the west of Ireland is the island at its dramatic best.


The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal drive in the world. It covers over 2,500 km of rugged coast along Ireland's western shore. The route weaves in and out as it hugs the coastline and provides some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. 


Our private Cliffs of Moher tour will take you along a stretch of the Wild Atlantic way from the surfing capital of Ireland - Lahinch to the Cliffs of Moher and on to the Burren national park.

Dublin Tours Cliffs of Moher tour highlights

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher cover over 12km of breathtaking cliff face along the west coast of Ireland. At their highest point they soar to heights of 220 metres and offer views across the wild Atlantic Ocean to the Arran Islands and Connemara. With over a million visitors visiting the cliffs every year they are one of the biggest tour highlights on the Island.


We will walk the cliff face both north & south routes keeping our eyes out for the marine and bird life, such as the peregrine falcon, bottle nosed dolphins, basking sharks and even the odd whale that swim at the foot.


We will also enjoy a visit the excellent Cliffs of Moher experience and discover the ancient geological history behind the formation of these awesome giants.

The Burren National Park

The Burren national park is one of the 6 national parks of Ireland and one the few Geoparks in Europe. Over 250 square km of limestone karst landscape make for a remarkable and unique location. Known as the Great Rock or the Skeleton of Ireland the Burren has captivated poets, writers and tourists alike. Often likened to the surface of the moon the isolation of the west coast of Ireland and the wildness of the Atlantic Ocean come together with the strange landscape to create this dramatic terrain.

We will drive you through the heart of the Burren, show you some of the ancient archaelogical sights, tell you the stories, listen to the music and take you to secret places for some great photo of the wild Atlantic Ocean along the way.



Choose Your Activity

Choose from our selection of fantastic activities to enhance your Cliffs of Moher Day Tour experience.

Kinvara Village & Dunguire Castle

Kinvara is a beautiful quaint, relaxed village on the shores of Galway bay. With it's cute shops, fantastic eateries, coffee shops and culture it is a perfect place for us to stop and take a breather after our stunning drive through the Burren. Maybe try the local drink, the Galway Hooker, wander around the grounds of the scenic Dunguaire Castle and even make a wish at the local fairy tree.


You can also visit the historic Dunguire Castle. A focal point in the Gaelic Literary revival and the place that played host to Lady Gregorys banquets for WB Yeats, Gerge Bernard Shaw and many other great Irish writers and artists. A picturesque stop on our journey through the Burren.


Activity Cost           :  Free to village / € 6 Dunguire Castle    

Activity Time          :  1.5 Hours Approx

Learn More about Kinvara



Clonmacnoise on the banks of the serene River Shannon takes you on a journey back to the golden age of Irish history. A time of monks, scholars, illuminated manuscripts and a time when Ireland is romantically referred to as The Land of Saints and Scholars. The tour of the ruins of the 6th century Clonmacnoise offers ample opportunities of fantastic photographs with a backdrop of the river Shannon whilst learning of the history of one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland.


Activity Cost           :     € 6 Adult

Activity Time          :     1 Hour Approx

Learn More about Clonmacnoise

Cultural Activities

Limerick City

Limerick City is the commercial hub of the midlands of Ireland. A city that has Viking roots built on the banks of the broad majestic river Shannon. A city that has seen its share of war and rebellion with a tapestry of history of Anglo Norman, Gaelic and English settlers. These days Limerick is a rejuvenated and vibrant city. Home to some famous Irish faces like Delores O'Riordan and Frank McCourts Angelas Ashes.

During your visit to Limerick you can tour the impressive and imposing John's Castle, or see why Limerick is known as the sporting capital of Ireland with a visit to Thomand Park. A great variety of shops and restaurants also await you in the treaty city.


Sample the city life of the Midlands of Ireland.



Activity Cost           :     Free for city visit / Johns Castle - € 8 Adult

Activity Time          :     2 Hours Approx

Limerick City Ireland

Galway City

Glaway City Ireland

The maritime west coast city of Galway is the bohemian heartland of Ireland.  Take in the sights and sounds of the 'city of the tribes' as you stroll along the cobbled lanes and market stalls and feel the fresh breeze billowing up from the sea. The streets are lined with some of the country's best buskers who charm passersby with their eclectic melodies and make the whole city feel like its moving to the music.


Galway was recently voted the best city in Ireland for food-lovers to visit, and its no wonder with a medley of award-winning restaurants, creative cafes and enticing street vendors serving up delectable Irish cuisine.  Whatever your tastes, we will be able to point you in the right direction.


There are also plenty of cultural delights to keep you busy. A walk up the river Corrib will take you to some of the historical gems of Galway city such as The Spanish Arch, Lynches Castle, St Nicholas Church and the excellent Galway Museum.


Activity Cost         :     Free for City Visit 

Activity Time        :     2 Hours Approx

The Burren Perfumery & 

Hazel Mountain Chocolate

The Burren National Park is one of the six national parks in Ireland and one of Europes Geo Parks. It is also home to two unique, boutique local businesses. The Hazel Mountain Chocolatier & The Burren Pefumery.

If you have a sweet-tooth for delectable chocolate and a nose for magical fragrances then why not take a visit to these two beautiful Irish local enterprise experiences in the surroundings of the 'Great Rock'.


Cost                      :        Free 

Activity Time       :        1 Hour Approx


Learn More

Burren Pefumery

Hazel Mountain Chocolate



The Burren Perfumery & Hazel Mountain Chocolate
Adventure Activities

Pat Sweeney - Doolin Cliffs Walk

Doolin Cliffs Walk

39 Farmers came together in West County Clare to allow a walkway that weaves along the cliff face and beyond. Starting ion the village of Doolin outside Gus O'Connors pub join Pat Sweeny a local farmer from the area who will take you on a personal and intimate tour of his area. Learn the local stories that surround one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland. You will pass local farms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Feel the real west coast of Clare as you climb to the highest point of the cliffs. A real Gem in West Clare.


Activity Cost           : 10am Group - €5 per person / Private - On Request

Activity Time          :  3.5 Hours Approx - From Dublin 2 Day Tour Required 

Learn More about Pat Sweeneys Cliff Walk

Cliffs of Moher Boat Trip

See the soaring Cliffs of Moher from the roaring Atlantic ocean. Stare up at the 220 meter drop and get up close and personal with its residents. Dolphins, Basking sharks and lots more maritime life swim in the blue waters beneath.


This tour is a 1 hour cruise around the base of the cliffs with great photo opportunities and views to the Aran islands.


Activity Cost           :  € 15.00

Activity Time          :  1.5 Hours approx

Learn More about the Cliffs of Moher Boat Trip

Cliffs of Moher Boat Trip

The Aran Islands & Galway City

Aran Islands & Galway City

The Aran Islands are three islands located in the stunning Galway bay with a backdrop of Connemara on one side and The Cliffs of Moher on the other. The islands have their own customs and traditions and they are part of the Ghaeltacht, a designated Irish speaking area.


Galway city is the bohemian heart of Ireland, the home of the Irish language and a fantastic city for music and seafood. Why not make it a two day trip and spend the night in Galway and the following day go to the incredible Aran islands.


Explore the islands, meet the locals and enjoy some traditional cuisine and drinks.


Activity Cost           :  Galway to Aran Islands Boat & Transport -  € 40.00                                         Accomodation Cost varies depending on availability.

Return to Dublin   :  2 Day Tour Required - Return 18:30 Following Day

The Aran Islands &

Cliffs of Moher Boat Trip

Take a boat trip around the base of the awesome Cliffs of Moher and continue on to Inis Mor on the Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are three islands located in the mouth of Galway bay with a panoramic backdrop of Connemara on one side and The Cliffs of Moher on the other. The islands have their own customs and traditions and they are part of the Ghaeltacht, a designated Irish speaking area. Visiting the islands is a true west coast of Ireland experience


Activity Cost           :  € 30 - Adult / € 15 - Children / Family Rates Available

Activity Time          :    2 Day Tour From Dublin Required / 3.5 Hours approx

Learn More about the Aran Islands Boat Trip

Aran Islands & Cliffs of Moher Boat Trip
Heritage Activities

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Bunratty Castle located in County Clare is one of the most impressive and best preserved Gaelic tower houses in Ireland. The castle dates back to the 15th century and having been restored in the 1950's it now offers a unique perspective of medieval life.


The tour of the castle will take you on a journey through medieval life. Through the times of the wars between Gaelic clans and new English settlers and offers a great insight into theIreland's turbulent past.


The folk park provides the visitor with an authentic account of 19th century life in villages in Ireland. From the village folk to the shops on the old streets to the ale houses the folk park is a step back in time.  


Activity Cost           :  Adult - € 12  (Family Rates Available)

Activity Time          :  2 Hours Approx

Learn More about Bunratty Castle


Bunratty Castle & Folk Park
Ailwee Caves & Bird of Prey Centre

The Ailwee Caves &

Bird of Prey Centre

The Ailwee Caves are one of the oldest caves networks in Ireland located in the magical Burren National Park. The tour will take you deep below the limestone of the Burren where you will walk through millions of years of Irish history, encountering waterfalls, bear bones and amazing rock formations.


The bird of prey center will bring you up close with some of the worlds most beautiful birds of prey like the Peregrine falcon, eagles and hawks. You will enjoy some dynamic air flying displays and all for a good cause - to aid the preservation of birds of prey in Ireland.



Activity Cost           :  € 9 Adult   (Family/Group Rates Available)

Activity Time          :  1.5 Hours

Learn More about The Ailwee Caves


Contact us to design your customised Cliffs of Moher Day Tour from Dublin.

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