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Cork & Blarney

Private Day Tour

Explore Irish Castles, Legends & Folklore...

Private Blarney Tour Choice

Choose the length of your day tour. The longer you have the more activities we can pack into your day. Below are some suggested options.

Full Day Tour

- Depart - 7:00am

- Visit Blarney Castle & Gardens

- Choice of one activity along the way

- 2 Hours at Blarney Castle

- Return Dublin 6:00pm

Long Day Tour

- Depart - 7:30am

- Visit Blarney Castle & Gardens 

- Choice of 1 or 2 activities along the way

- 2 Hours at Blarney Castle

- 1.5 Hours in Cork City

- Return Dublin 7:30pm

* All Timings & Itineraries are flexible
Blarney Tour Activities Menu

Enhance your Blarney & Cork Tour experience.

Craft your journey to Cork with a choice from our selection of activities along the way ...

Heritage Activities

- The Rock of Cashel

- Cobh Town

- Cahir Castle

- The Swiss Cottage


Cultural Activities

- Newbridge Silverware & Fashion Museum

- Jameson Whiskey Experience


Adventure Activities

- Fota Wildlife Park

- West Cork 2 Day Adventure

The Tour Highlights

Blarney Castle and Estate

Kissing the Blarney Stone is a rite of passage in Ireland. The tradition is shrouded in celtic mythology and mystery. The legendary gift of the gab is your ticket to becoming a charming storyteller, if your brave enough to be held upside down and kiss the stone ! 


The setting is the stunning Blarney castle. A castle set  beautiful surroundings in County Cork and part of Ireland's turbulent history of invasion, war and rebellion. 


The gardens are our favourite part of this tour. There is something magical about the Blarney Estate. As you wander away from the commotion of the Castle and the sound of peoples newly acquired "gift of the gab" slowy fades away you begin to find yourself in a truely serene setting. Trickles of water cascade over boulders, forming slow running streams that drift through well kept lawns. The paths divide through nooks and crannys amidst walks through forest, rivers and an incredible assortment of magnificent trees and shrub life.

Cork City - The Rebel County

The vibrant Cork City offers time to pick up some souvenirs and enjoy some of west coast of ireland city life. Visit the the famous English Market, Saint Finbar's Gothic Cathedral or the beautiful St Annes Church. The locals call Cork the real capital and you get a sense of the fierce pride that bestow the people of the rebel county.


We will provide you with maps, information and the best places to eat and try the local delicacy - A pint of Murphys!



Cork City

Choose Your Activity

Choose from our selection of fantastic activities to enhance your Cork & Blarney Day Tour Experience.

Heritage Activities

The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is located in the heart of the midlands of Ireland in the County Tipperary. Associated with legends of St Patrick and the devil it is a monument to Irelands medieval past. With a royal view spanning across several counties, the Rock of Cashel holds a watchful position atop layers of Ireland's ancient history and provides the visitor with a real insight into medieval christian life. You will take a guided tour of the site and we will show you vantage points for some great photo opportunites. The rock is a great place to visit, the views are spectacular, the history is intriguing and this attraction really does benefit the local community. 


The town of Cashel itself is tthe perfect place to wander after your tour of the Rock with plenty of charming coffee shops and restaurants to suit all tastes. 


Activity Cost       :      Adult - € 7 / Student - € 5

Activity Time      :      1.5 Hours

Learn More


Cobh other wise known as Queenstown is an impressive seaport town on the south coast of Cork with a fascinating history. A town with a strong maritime legacy that includes the famous association with the Titantic, Cobh being it’s last port of call and the tragic Louistania which sank off the coast. The town is also very much associated with Ireland’s history of emigration and was the largest port of emigration during the famine in the 1840’s. An abundance of cultural activities will take you into the towns past including the Cobh Heritage Centre and the Titanic Experience

The town these days is a vibrant spot famed for it’s good seafood and fresh sea air. The town also has much to offer with it’s great variety of shopping, restaurants and pubs.


Activity Cost          :   Free to City / Heritage Centre Exhibit or

                                  Titanic Experience:  Adult - € 9.50, Student € 7.50

Activity Time         :   2 Hours

Cahir Castle & The Swiss Cottage

Enjoy a visit to the Heritage Town of Cahir in County Tipperary. This midlands town is brimming full of nature and heritage gems. Take a tour of the 13th century Cahir Castle. A castle with a history of war and rebellion and which has recently featured in films and tv series like Excalibur and The Tudors. From the castle is a beautiful riverside walk where you can spot the birdlife along the banks of the river Suir. At the end of the walk is the unique and unusual attraction locally known as The Swiss Cottage. This country house was built in the 1820's and is a perfect example of a Cottage orné or decorated cottage, dateing back to the movement of 'rustic' stylised cottages in the late 18th and early 19th century. A true hidden gem.


Activity Cost          :   Cahir Cottage - €4 / Cahir Castle - €4

Activity Time         :   Approx 30 Mins Cottage / 45 Mins Castle / 30 Mins Walk

Cultural Activities

Newbridge Silverware &

Fashion Museum

Newbridge Silverware is located in County Kildare and less than an hour from Dublin City. Originally a cutlery manufacturer, the company diversified and are now one of the most renowned and respected jewellery makers in Europe selling their exquisite silver all over the world. As well as providing a boutique shopping experience the company have now opened a Museum of Style Icons where you can enjoy a display of some of the world’s most famous attire from the stylish wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn to the elegant gowns of Grace Kelly.


An elegant day of boutique shopping.


Activity Cost           :      Free

Activity Time          :      1 Hour

Learn More

Jameson Whiskey Experience

How about a taste of the Irish whiskey with a visit to the the original buildings at the old Midleton Distillery which date back as far as the 1800's. Take a fascinating tour where you will see the kilns and pot stills from that time and explore warehouses that have matured whiskey for more than 2 centuries. These days Jameson is being produced in these fresh surroundings of Midleton and a tour would not be complete without some tasting of the water of life.


Activity Cost           :      Adult - €16 / Child - €8 / Family Discounts Available

Activity Time          :      Approx 1.5 Hours

Learn More

Adventure Activities

Fota Wildlife Park

Fota wildlife is a 75 acre animal lovers heaven located in County Cork. Opened in 1983 it has quickly become known as one of Europes best wild life parks. The park provides the visitor with a animal park that has the feeling of freeness for the animals. You can get up close and personal with some of the animals like the wallabies and ring tailed lemurs and other larger animals roam in unobtrusive confinement.

A day in Fota Wildlife is a day of learning and fun with our animal friends.


Activity Cost      :      Adult - € 15.50 / Student, Seniors, Disabled - € 11.00 /                                     Children (under 3) – Free / Family Discounts Available

Activity Time      :      2 hours

Lean More

West Cork Adventure (2 Day)

West Cork in the south west of Ireland hosts some of Ireland’s most awesome landscapes and most adventurous activities. The area stretches from the smart town of Kinsale to the three rugged westerly peninsulas of Bear, Mizen Head and Sheep’s Head. A myriad of beaches, coves, harbours and inlets allow for a diverse coastal location. The area is also known for it great local artisan food culture through the abundance of local co-operatives and food markets.


Find out why West Cork is ‘A Place Apart’.


Activity Cost        :       From €80 each for additional day of touring                                                     Excluding Accomadation costs excluded

Activity Time        :      Full Day



Contact us with your chosen preferences and we will create the tour specially designed for you.

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