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Newgrange & The Boyne Valley Private Day Tour...

A Journey to the Threshold of Ireland...

Newgrange Private Day Tour Choice

Choose the length of your day tour. The longer you have the more activities we can pack into your day. Below are some suggested options.

Half Day Tour - Newgrange & The Boyne Valley

- Depart Dublin - 8:00am

- Visit Bru Na Boinne & take a tour inside the Newgrange monument.

- Walk to The Hill of Slane 

- Drive The Boyne Valley

- Return to Dublin - 1:00pm

Full Day Tour - Newgrange & County Meath

- Depart - 8:00am

- Visit Newgrange, The Boyne Valley & 2 activities

- Approx 1.5 Hours in Newgrange

- 2 activities of your Choice

- Return Dublin 4:30pm

Long Day Tour - See it all !

- Visit Newgrange, The Boyne Valley & 4 activities.

- Choice of activity along the way

- Depart - 8:00am

- Approx 1.5 Hours in Newgrange

- 4 activities of your Choice

- Return Dublin 7:30pm

* All Timings & Itineraries are flexible
Activities Menu

Enhance your Newgrange Tour experience.

Craft your journey to Newgrange from our selection of activities along the way.

Heritage Activities

- The Boyne Valley & Monasterboice

- The Hill of Slane

- Mellifont Abbey

- Loughcrew Tombs


Cultural Activities

- Traditional Open Farm Visit


Adventure Activities

- Boyne River Kayaking

- Loughcrew Adventure Centre

Newgrange private day tour ireland

The Standard Tour Highlights

The Ancient East

The Ancient East of Ireland encorporates some of Ireland's most ancient and most dramatic sights and scenery. From the ancient tomb of Newgrange to the sacred river Boyne, the ancient east is full of folklore, legends, druids and mysticism. You will pass the birth places of ancient warriors like Cuchulainn, drive through the valleys of some important Irish battles and rebellions like the battle of the Boyne and stand next to relics from the golden age of Irish history.


Join us on a luxury trip through parts of the ancient east of ireland. Your journey will be accompanied with beautiful Irish songs and music.

Newgrange & Dowth Tombs

Newgrange is one of the most important archaeological sights in the world. Standing over 5,000 years old it delves deep into Ireland's ancient pagan past. It was built by some of Ireland's first farmers on the banks of the river Boyne and is older than The Great Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge.


The tour of Newgrange will take you into the inner chamber of this ancient tomb where the winter solstice will be reconstructed. A light shones through to light up the inner chamber giving you a glimpse to our past when Ireland's identity was being forged.

The Hill of Tara

Located in the royal county Meath, the Hill of Tara is a complex of archaeological sites that date back to Ireland's neolithic past. According to ancient manuscripts it was said to be where the seats of the high kings of Ireland sat for over one thousand years and was one of the most important ceremonial hills on the island. 

You can take a stroll across the hill where you will find the Lia Fail or stone of destiny where legend has it the high kings would be sworn in. You will also find tombs such as The Mound of the Hostages standing over 5,000 years old. A truly breathtaking walk around Ireland past.

Choose Your Activities

Choose from our selection of fantastic activities to enhance your experience.


Heritage Activities

The Boyne Valley & Monasterboice

The scared river Boyne runs through the heart of Ireland's royal county - County Meath. The valley encorpoates a world heritage sight - Bru na Boinne and the boyne valley. Our tour drives through the Boyne valley taking in sights and villages along the way. You will visit the sites of one of the most important battles in Irish history - The battle of the boyne and will hear of it's consequenses. We will stop for a traditional Irish lunch in a village and then visit the tiny graveyard of Monasterboice where you will discover the most beautiful and intact high cross of Muireadach in the tranquil setting of the christian site of Monasterboice.


Activity Price   :     Free

Activity Time   :     40 Minutes

Hill of Slane.jpg

The Hill of Slane

The Hill of Slane is located along the Boyne valley drive and is said to be the place where St Patrick lit a paschal fire in direct defiance of the pagan king to usher in the new era of Christianity in Ireland. It is a area shrouded in myth & legend and some say is the burial place of the mythological warrior king of the Fir Bolg - Slaine. But what cannot be disputed is the fantastic views if offers across the midlands of Ireland to the Irish sea. A climb up the hill will bring you to the atmospheric ruins of a Friary church and an imposing statue of St Patrick himself.


Activity Price   :     Free

Activity Time   :     40 Minutes

Mellifont Abbey

Mellifont abbey is the ruins of the first Cistercian abbey in Ireland. A site that goes back to before the Anglo Norman invasion of Ireland being founded by St Malachy in 1142. By 1170 hundred monks lived in the abbey it went on to be the blueprint for other Cistercian abbeys found all over Ireland.

These days the ruins are set in a tranquil setting by a river. The ruins include a 13th century lavabo, some romanesque arches and a 14th century chapter house. Walking around the ruins gives you a real insight to the basic, self sustainable live of the famous Cistercian monks of Ireland.


Activity Price   :     Free

Activity Time   :     40 Minutes

Loughcrew  -  Hills of the Witch

Head off the beaten track and discover an irish wonder which not many people will get to see. Walk up a hill to a site of majestic views across the surrounding country side and you will encounter the largest collection of passage graves in Ireland. Loughcrew is a complex of tombs that date back approximately 6,000 years. Explore the ancient site and you can see the evidence of beautifully crafted symbolic carvings.


Travel the path less taken and encounter the ancients.


Activity Price   :     Free

Activity Time   :     1.5 Hours Approx

Cultural Activities

Traditional Open Farm

An intimate farming experience. Get to know and understand Irish farming life with a visit to an open farm. Get up close and personal with the animals like the sheep, donkeys and cows. You will taste the local farming produce and learn about some of Ireland's traditional farming techniques.


A great excursion for all the family!


Activity Price     :      € 5 per person - Family Rates Available

Activity Time     :      Approx 1.5 Hours

Learn More

Newgrand tour - open farm
Adventure Activities

Boyne River Kayaking

Experience the tranquillity of the sacred river Boyne in the Royal County of Meath with a unique kayaking trip. Wiithout doubt one of our favourite ways of discovering the country side of Ireland is along the meandering riverways. You will get a real sense of how our ancient ancesters would have seen Ireland as you flow up the river through rolling green fields, forest and past some of Ireland most ancient archaeological sites and castles.

The trip will take you from Slane to Newgrange and is guided with historical, informative and fun commentary along the way.


A great excursion for all the family!


Activity Price     :      € 40 per person

Activity Time     :      Approx 3 Hours

Learn More

Newgrange tour Boyne River Kayaking
Newgrange tour Loughcrew Adventure Centre

Loughcrew Adventure Centre

A visit to the exciting Loughcrew Adventure Centre is a great family experience. From the climbing walls to the zip lining to the forest crystal maze the centre is an adventurous day in one of the most beautiful parts of county Meath. 


The centres great staff cater for everyone from the kids to the grandparents


Activity Price     :      Half Day: Adult – €32 / Child – €29 - includes 3 activities

Activity Time     :      Approx 3 Hours

Learn More




Contact us with your chosen preferences and we will create the tour specially designed for you.

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