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Hawk Walk Ireland

Enjoy a private hawk walk on your private tour in Ireland

Walk with Hawks in Ireland

It's not just for the birds…

take time out for a Hawk Walk.

Originally a means of obtaining food, falconry has acquired other values over time now a social and recreational practice and as a way of connecting with nature. It has been practiced for over 4,000 years. Transmitted from generation to generation through mentoring, within families or in training clubs. The modern practice of falconry focuses on safeguarding falcons and habitats, using traditional practices, and the bonds between the falconer and the bird. 

Hawk Walks Ireland
Learn more about halk walks in Ireland!

A Noble & Ancient Art

Falconry is considered a noble and ancient art.  The earliest known reference to falconry in Ireland is in the Irish text ‘The Life of St. Colman’ in the 12th century. In this, the King of Tara is described as having ‘da seabhac seiga’ or two hunting hawks. In the middle ages, birds of prey were considered prized possessions and status symbols, monarchs, noblemen and clerics possessed these ‘noble birds’. 


The Sport of Falconry

The sport of falconry came about when humans trained birds of prey or raptors, to hunt and pursue game. 

Join experienced handlers for a stimulating and memorable experience with impressive captive bred birds of prey. Go on a ‘Hawk Walk’ with a cast of hawks in the beautiful countryside. A unique chance to handle and fly an owl or two. See a flying display, whereby the hawks or owls fly freely to the gloved fist. Get close and hold an owl to discover the distinct personalities and characteristics of these magnificent birds. Feel the unforgettable moment when a hawk swoops down from a tree to land on your gloved fist.

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Learn about Falconry

Gain insight into the ancient art of falconry, view equipment and see breathtaking displays, whereby a peregrine falcon flies freely trained to the lure. (A larger area is required for this flying display.) The lesson is filled with time to know more about these amazing birds. Take many action shots on this amazing photo opportunity and an incredible way to enjoy nature in the countryside. No previous experience is necessary and in most cases all ages and abilities can be catered for. Try to dress warmly, wear boots and don’t forget your camera!!

Falconry as a cultural heritage...

Falconry as a cultural heritage is an important theme in the international community of the sport. Various nations have submitted submissions to have falconry recognised as an UNESCO Intangible World Heritage. Ireland is a member of the International Association for Falconry (IAF) an accredited NGO providing advisory services to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee and an accredited member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Where can you enjoy falconry in Ireland?

Ashford Castle
Discover hawk walks in Ashford Castle here

Glenlo Abbey
ver hawk walks in Glenlo Abbey here

The Dingle Peninsula
ver hawk walks on The Dingle Peninsula here

The Wicklow Mountains

Discover hawk walks in the Wicklow Mountains here

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