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Howth & Malahide Private Day Tour...

A Tour of Brisk Walks, Fresh Air and Fresh Food...

The Howth Private Day Tour Choices

Choose the length of your day tour. The longer you have the more activities we can pack into your day. Below are some suggested options.

* All Timings & Itineraries are flexible
Half Day Tour - Howth & Malahide

- Depart Dublin 9.30am

- Visit Howth Village and Howth Head

- Visit Malahide Village & Malahide Castle

- No additional activities

- Return Dublin 2:30pm

Activities Menu

Enhance your Howth Tour experience.

Craft your journey to Howth with a choice from our selection of activities along the way ...

Heritage Activities

- Malahide Castle & Gardens


Cultural Activities

- The National Transport Museum


Adventure Activities

- Guided Hike of Howth Head

- Sea Fishing  

- Boat Trip to Ireland's Eye

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Full Day Tour - Howth & Malahide & Activity

- Depart Dublin 9:30am

- Visit Howth Village and Howth Head

- Visit Malahide Village & Malahide Castle

- One additional activity

- Return Dublin 4:30pm

Long Day Tour - Howth & Malahide & 2 Activities

- Depart Dublin 9:30am

- Visit Howth Village and Howth Head

- Visit Malahide Village & Malahide Castle

- Two additional activities

- Return Dublin 7:00pm

Private tours of Ireland

The Tour Highlights

Howth Village

Howth village is located about 15km from Dublin city center and is a short 30 minute drive along the north Dublin coast. The word Howth (difficult to pronounce!) is derived from scandinavian Vikings word for head due to it being a peninsula and it was the vikings that first developed a town in the area. The village is now home to about eight thousand residents.

Our visit to the village will include a glimpse at the seals in Howth harbour a trip to Howth castle where you can choose to visit the very impressive national transport museum. The village is also renowned for it's excellent seafood and famous fish & chip shops and if the sun appears we can take a stroll down the sandy beaches loacted just outside the village.

howth village

Howth Head

We will enjoy a fresh walk around one of the most popular day trip destinations for local Dubliners - Howth head. There are many walks of differing levels to choose from. We can walk to the ben of Howth through the beautiful rhodedendrum gardens , past Howth castle and to fantastic views across the city to the mountains of Wicklow in the south.

The cliff face walk of the east offers views all the way to the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales on a good day. Along the way we will encounter ancient tomb's, shipwrecks, lighthouses and if we are very lucky maybe some dolphins swimming in the Irish sea. 


Howth is for Health & Heather !

Choose Your Activity

Choose from our selection of fantastic activities to enhance your experience.

Heritage Activities

Malahide Castle & Gardens

The Malahide estate boasts one of the oldest castles in Ireland and is one of the highlights of a trip to Dublin. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 12th century and played a hugely significant role in Ireland's medieval history. We will visit the castle and you can choose to tak one of the professional guided tours.

After the castle we can enjoy a walk through the ornamental gardens that cover around 22 acres of land and boast over 5,000 species of plants. A walk around the garden is a tranquil and soothing experience.


Activity Price   :  € 12 - Adult / € 8 Student

Activity Time   :  1.5 Hours Approx

Adventure Activities

Guided Hike of Howth Head

Come with us on a guided tour of Howth. We will guide you on a journey across the most beautiful parts of Howth taking you to the sights and attractions that most tourists visiting the area miss out. Our trek can vary in length depending on your preference and we can accomadate the tour to suit all kinds of walkers from the wanderers to the ardent trekkers.

Along the way you will discover the stunning Rhodedendrum gardens, Howth Castle, Dolmen Tombs, stunning coastal walks and you will get the full Howth experience.


Activity Cost    :      € 15 each

Return Time    :      3.5 Hours

Trip to Ireland's Eye Island

Irelands Eye is a 15 minute boat ride from Howth harbour and a nature lovers dream with it’s birdlife nature sanctuary and its seal colony. As well as the bird sanctuary the island hosts a number of interesting ruins including a 19th century Martello watch tower and a 8th century monastic ruin. The island also has a white sand beach great if the sun joins you on your trip to catch a few rays.


Activity Cost     :      Adult - € 15 / Child - € 10 / Family Rates Available

Activity Time    :      Approx 2 Hours

Check out Ireland's Eye Ferries Website - 


Contact us with your chosen preferences and we will create the tour specially designed for you.

Image by Adam Markon

Sample Tour Route

A - Dublin City


B - Bull Island


C - Howth Village


D - Howth Head


E - Portmarnock


F - Malahide


G - Dublin City

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