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Sheepdog Demonstrations in Ireland

Experience the skill & beauty of sheepdogs in Ireland!

sheepdog demonstrations in ireland

A day gone to the dogs is worth every minute.

Sheep appeal to many from new lamb sightings in Spring to a flock blocking roads, to images on postcards to the many sheep souvenirs of Ireland. One great star often overlooked is the dog that can rally them all. The one who has the skill to make sure they are rounded up and tucked into their fields safe and sound, the original shepherd is the Sheepdog.

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Sheepdog demonstrations
Watch the sheepdogs herding sheep on the farm

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What is a Sheepdog Demonstration ?

Learn about the practice of sheep farming in Ireland and get to know what it is that drives the farming families to work with these delightful animals. The owners ​​command eager collies thrilled to use their skills following precise prompts of shouts, and whistles.  Watch the sheepdogs herding sheep on the farm, while hearing all about the work done throughout the year on the mountains and hills.

A typical sheepdog demonstration lasts apprroximately 1 hour.


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The Skill of the Sheepdog

The connection of one person and their dog is an inherent one with subtle tones and body language. This human to animal dance joins forces to bring about a common goal of enclosing the flock.

These well trained sheepdogs are happiest working in the fields putting their skills to good use. Particularly those with a knack to handle the most stubborn of sheep. 

Joe Joyce his Sheepdogs herding a flock of sheep
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Sheepdog herding sheep
Learn about Sheepdogs on the farm

While Ireland competes in National, International and World Sheep dog trials there is no better place to see this in action than onsite. Get to the fields and farms to meet those to bring the best out of the dogs and a harmony of nature. In rural and rustic settings on rolling hills, observe the intense and fascinating sheepdog demonstration.

Take many action shots on this amazing photo opportunity and an incredible way to enjoy nature in the countryside. Try to dress warmly, wear boots and don’t forget your camera!!

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Sheepdogs as a cultural heritage...

Experience the perfect blend of education, history and fun. This rich heritage goes back generations of farming families in Ireland. It maintains the landscape in a sustainable manner. The skill of working with sheepdogs is traditionally passed on orally within farming families, as is the skill of training dogs to work as sheepdogs. Border collies are an especially popular breed of sheepdog, who learn to work with the farmer and herd the sheep. Experience the simplicity, skill and beauty of sheepdogs on your Private Tour of Ireland.

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Where can you find a sheepdog demonstration in Ireland?

Sheepdog Farmer of Connemara
Discover Joe Joyce in the Joyce Country here

Sheepman of the Wicklow Mountains
Visit Michael Crowe in quaint Annamoe here

Sheep Farmer Gui
de of the Midlands
Join Eamonn Egan, the 'go to man' for sheep farmers here

Sheepdog Demonstration in Dingle
Find a sheepdog demonstration on the Dingle Peninsula here

Sheepdog Demonstration in Galway
Find a sheepdog demonstration in Killary, County Galway here

Sheepdog Demonstration in Donegal
Find a sheepdog demonstration in Donegal here
Hold a sheep in Ireland
Sheepdog Demonstration Ireland
Feeding sheep in Ireland

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