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Sights & Attractions In Ireland related to America

Ireland and America are inextricably linked. From the initial emigration of the Ulster Scots in the 18th century to Famine emigration of the mid 19th century the building blocks of the USA are heavily connected with the Irish. No fewer than 17 US presidents claim Irish ancestry and the ties can be found right across the island. Here are just some of the many sights and attractions that you can find related to America whilst on a private tour of Ireland with Little Gem...


The Annie Moore Statue in County Cork

The Annie Moore Statue is located in the quaint coastal town of Cobh in County Cork. The statue depicts Annie Moore who was the first immigrant to be processed in Ellis Island when the facility opened in 1892.

Contemporary sources suggest the girl was pushed to the front by her brothers, after an Irish longshoreman shouted “ladies first”. Others speculate that, in a room heaving with Italians, Armenians, Jews and Slovaks, an English-speaking northern European was chosen to present a more acceptable immigrant face for the assembled New York newsmen.

Whatever the truth, the Cobh native, newly arrived as a steerage passenger on the SS Nevada, stepped forward, was duly registered and presented with a $10 gold piece by the island’s superintendent.


The Kindred Spirits Statue in County Cork

In the heart of County Cork in the town of Midleton, The Kindred Spirits Sculpture commemorates a marvellous act of kindness by the Choctaw Native Americans when they raised $170 of their own money, equivalent to thousands of dollars today, in aid to supply food for the starving Irish during the hight of the famine in 1848.


The Valentia Island Transatlantic Cable Station in County Kerry

A journey around the Ring of Kerry would not be complete without a hop off to Valentia Island. Here you will find a commeration to the first transatlantic cable which was successfully placed in 1857 on the third attempt. The introduction of the telegraph stations to south west Kerry was immense and its effects can still be seen to this day in terms development of the villages of Waterville, Valentia and Ballinskelligs.


Moneygall Village in County Tipperary. Ancestral home of Barack Obama

Moneygall Village in County Tipperary, home to just over 300 people was put on the map when a connection with President Barack Obama was unearthed and the then president visited back in 2011. A plaque can be found in the village in the location of his great, great, great grandfather Falmouth Kearney's old homestead.


The Andrew Jackson Cottage in County Antrim