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Little Gem Ten - Hidden Gems in Ireland...

The best way to experience Ireland is off the beaten path & away from the crowds. A private tour of Ireland allows you to discover the hidden gems which are often the highlights of our guests travels. Below you will find some of our favourite hidden gems....


The Drombeg Stone Circle - The Druids Alter

Take a detour in the heart of the Rebel County and discover one of our favourite stone circles in Ireland - Drombeg. These ancient neolithic sites date back as far as 6,000 years and this hidden gem in Cork is one of the best. Locally known as the Druids Alter the site also consists of an ancient cooking pot and other mysterious stone monuments.

You will find this gem on our private 7 Day South by West Explorer Tour


Ballintoy Harbour

The North East coast of the island offers some of the most dramatic scenery that Ireland has to offer including the Giants Causeway and Glens of Antrim. Another hidden gem that can also be found along this route is the quaint Ballintoy Harbour. This picturesque harbour makes for a lovely short walk and photo opportunity and if you are a Games of Thrones fan it may bring back some memories.

Discover Ballintoy on our 3 Day Northern Adventure


The Rock of Dunamase in the Midlands

There are estimated to be over 5,000 castles dotting the landscape of Ireland and the Rock of Dunamase is without doubt one of our favourites. Just off the main road on the way to the Cliffs of Moher in County Laoise this magnificent ruined castle overlooks the beautiful surrounding countryside. The free hidden gem is a must see in Ireland's Ancient East.

You will find this gem on our Private Day Tour to the Cliffs of Moher


Pat Noones Faery Farm...

Enter the world of the fairies with a visit to perhaps Ireland's most mysterious land - The farm of Pat & Eveline Noone. Here Pat will take you on a wonderful tour of his beautiful and ancient farmland. You will hear stories of the Tuatha de Denann, the Banshee and of course the Leprechauns. Open your mind and you never know what you might see or hear.


Megalithic Ireland - Poulnabrone in the Burren

Lying in deep within the heart of the Great Rock in County Clare you will find the ancient dolmen tomb known as Poulnabrone. Dating as far back as 6,000 years this mysterious stone monument provides us with a glimpse into the minds our our ancient ancestors. Excavations show it was used a place of burial with the discover of cremated bodies. However just what else was this monument meant to represent?

You will find Poulnabrone on our 7 Day South by West Explorer Tour


Megalithic Ireland - Fourknocks

The little known Fourknocks is a true hidden gem on the border of Dublin and County Meath. A journey here will start with a trip to a local farmer to pick up the key. You will then make your way into the middle of a field of potatoes where a strange mound reveals a door. Once inside the passage tomb you will be transported back over 5,000 years to the Neolithic where you will see some of the most beautiful neolithic art on the island.

You will find Fourknocks on our 7 Day North by West Explorer


Moone High Cross in Kildare

Ireland's Celtic Crosses are a national treasure and one of our favourites can be found off a background in County Kildare. Moone High Cross dates to the 10th Century and depicts elements of the Bible on one piece of chiselled granite. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality recent renovations has brought this jewell back to its original glory.

You will find this hidden gem on our Kilkenny Day Tour


Ireland West Farm Stay in County Mayo

Ireland West Farm stay in the heart of County Mayo is a guest favourite. Visit the locals in the village Carracastle and learn of trades and crafts such as cheese making, blacksmithing, farming and music. You can also stay the night in a renovated 19th century traditional cottage to really immersive yourself in rural Ireland.

Stay on Ireland West Farm Stay on our 3 Day Heart of Ireland Experience


8. The Choctow Nation Famine Memorial -

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is a stunning monument located in Midleton, County Cork. It commemorates the 1847 donation by the Native American Choctaw People to Irish famine relief during the Great Hunger, despite the Choctaw themselves living in hardship and poverty and having recently endured the Trail of Tears.

Find this hidden gem on our 7 Day South by West Explorer


CS Lewis Square in Belfast City

Belfast City is well known for the Titantic and the troubles however a little known gem is the CS Lewis Square in East Belfast. Here you will find some fun sculptures inspired by CS Lewis' most famous work - Narnia. A must see for the kids and Narnia fans alike.

You can visit this gem on our 7 Day North by West Explorer Private Tour


The Tetrapod Footprints - Valentia Island

Close to the crashing waves of the wild Atlantic ocean you will find quite an unusual hidden gem. The footprints of a 385 million year old Tetrapod. The Valentia Island track way is of international importance as it provides some of the oldest evidence of one of the first water dwelling creatures which crawled out of the water and made the important evolutionary step toward land dwelling.

Visit the Tetrapod track way on our 7 Day South by West Explorer


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