Little Gem Ten - Reasons to include an Ancestry Trail on your private tour of Ireland...

Little Gem 10 - Reasons to try an Ancestry Tour of Ireland...

A Little Gem guest favourite is our personalised, ancestry trails of Ireland. Uncover your family roots and gain a deeper understanding of Ireland's history and culture. This highly personal addition to your family private tour of Ireland provides you with a completely unique, private Irish experience. Below we have put together our top 10 reasons to try our ancestry tour of Ireland along with lots of useful links...

1. Create more than a tour - A journey of self discovery and a more meaningful tour experience...

Taking part on an ancestry trail during your private tour of Ireland means more than a tour but a journey of self discovery. From the initial process of researching your family tree to the final stages of climbing through graveyards and knocking on doors, your ancestry tour will be an experience that will live with you for the rest of your life.

Here are some useful links to get started...

2. Gain a deeper insight into yourself and your family roots...

To learn where your family roots are located and then to actually visit means developing a deeper understanding of yourself and your family. To learn that your ancestors grew up on a farm in the west of Ireland and being able to stand on the land which they worked is truly a moving experience. Have a read about some of our guests experiences on their personalised ancestry trails of Ireland.

3. A shared, bonding family experience...

An ancestry tour of Ireland can be a fun and bonding experience for the whole family. From the grandchildren to the great-grandparents, a journey to the places of your ancestors will live long in the memory of the entire family.

4. A personalised & unique perspective of Ireland...

There is no more personalised tour experience than an ancestry tour. As well as getting in the main attractions you will also get to places that no other tourists will get to see. These hidden gem moments can often offer deep insights into Ireland that other tourists following the main tourist trail will miss.

5. A great way of getting off the beaten path & away from the crowds...

Often ancestry trails will take our driver guides to places that even they may never have visited. Taking the backroads to small villages and maybe even knocking on a local farmers door or two to ask for your long lost relatives is what makes ancestry trails extra special.

6. Support local enterprise off the main tourist trail...

Getting off the beaten path also means supporting local initiatives that are away from the main tourist trail. Whether it is a blacksmithing demonstration or visiting a working farm it is often these small local initiatives that are stand out activities on your private tour of Ireland.

Here are some of the many local initiatives you may encounter along your journey...

7. Develop new long term, family relationships and make Ireland a home away from home..

Often on our ancestry tours we connect our guests with long lost relatives. The relationships that grow from this can last a lifetime and greatly adds to our guests travel experience. It also connects our guests to the island of Ireland on a deeper level and means that a home away from home is gained.

8. Gain a better understanding of Ireland, it's culture, history and people...

To truly understand Ireland and its deep history and culture you need to meet the locals and listen to the stories. On an ancestry tour this opportunity presents itself and allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Ireland from times of emigration to modern day Ireland.

Some interesting exhibitions to uncover the history of Ireland's emigration are

9. You get to explore ancient graveyards & churches...

Climbing through ancient graveyards on a treasure hunt to find the tomb of your ancestors is surprisingly fun and can be a real glimpse into ancient Ireland. All of the graveyards have a story and history to tell and by exploring parishes and villages through the graveyards a deeper understanding is gained of the island.

Here you can find a great site dedicated to Irish graveyards -

10. And remember, you can also get to see the main attractions along the way...

And of course you can also get to the main attractions of Ireland during the course of your private tour. Take in the magnificent Cliffs of Moher, the astounding Giants Causeway or the mythical Newgrange. Just some of the many wonderful main sights that can seen during the course of your private tour of Ireland. You will find more of the main attractions of Ireland on our website -

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