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The Long Hall Library. Trinity College. Dublin

A selection of books from the Little Gem Library to help you plan your tour of Ireland...

Our latest blog takes a look at the Little Gem office library and extracts some of the books that helped inspire Little Gem Tours and our adventures around Ireland. Mythology, history, nature and landscape are all covered in this eclectic mix of interesting reads. Take a look and hopefully they will help you get excited and plan your private tour of Ireland.

I Never Knew That About Ireland &

I Never Knew That About the Irish

by Christopher Winn & Mai Osawa

We will start with a Little Gem favourite and a faithful companion in the early days of Little Gem Tours. Full of interesting facts and trivia accompanied by wonderful illustrations by Mai Osawa. A nice addition to any library and a fantastic research tool to plan your tour of Ireland.

A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes

by Jonathon Bardon

A history of Ireland told through 250 short stories is a wonderful way of discovering the background to the island. This can either be read straight through or perhaps hop in and out of different eras. Definitely a firm favourite here at Little Gem Tours if you want a good understanding of the complexities of Irish history.

Atlas of Irish History

by Sean Duffy

A great resource to gain a basic understanding of the history of Ireland. This book makes great use of maps and graphic cartography to portray a timeline of Irish history from the first arrivals until the present day.

Back Roads of Ireland

by Eyewitness Travel

Back roads of Ireland is what Little Gem Tours does best and another favourite resource of ours during the early days was this beautiful production by Eyewitness Travel. Detailing some marvellous road trips around the backroads of Ireland.

How the Irish Saved Civilisation

by Thomas Cahill

A somewhat dramatic title however a very enjoyable read that focuses on Ireland's early Christian period. Thomas Cahill highlights the positive impact of Irelands role on European history, particularly relating to literature at the time of the dark ages across mainland Europe.

The Sacred Mythological Centres of Ireland

by Jack Roberts

This little gem is one of our favourite books in the library about the megalithic sites around the country. From Newgrange to Rathcroghan, these ancient stone monuments are shrouded in mystery. In this illustrated guide Jack Roberts delves deep into that archeology and mythology of ancient Ireland.

City of Writers

by Brendan Lynch

Dublin City is a UNESCO city of Literature and boasts some of the world's most reknowned liteary geniuses such as James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Jonathon Swift. This book covers all of the writes of the city and explorers there roots showing you were they once lived in the capital city.

Search of the Irish Dreamtime

by J.P. Mallory